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In progress

Paintings in progress

These 8x8 inch panels are for the 88 Strong show at the Goodfoot in Portland. 88 artists working from a list of 88 themes, 8 panels each. This one will be interesting because I don't usually paint with a theme in mind. I'm glad to be invited to participate.

Game goodness

Christian and I are working on a new story game. (There's a good explanation of story games here.) Several years ago we wrote our first game together, Beast Hunters, which was a lot of fun and quite a learning experience.

Then Christian wrote Anima Prime and since I wasn't into Final Fantasy or anime, I just helped him by editing/proofreading it.

He's been kicking around a new idea that I really like. Every time we talked about it I'd get all excited about the possibilities. A couple of days ago we decided to collaborate on it and try to get a draft together in time for playtesting at Go Play NW, which is a big gaming weekend up in Seattle.

In the meantime, we got a nice motivation boost because Beast Hunters was included in this bundle of holding that groups games with similar themes together, offers them for a good price, and sends part of the proceeds to charity.

Bunny Surprise

Bunny Surprise
mixed media on 20x22 inch canvas

Sometimes they just want to come out cute and I'm powerless to resist.

Hints of Spring

Hints of Spring 1

I just finished this set of paintings and I'm excited about them. Even though the composition is a bit chaotic, looking at them makes me happy...

Hints of Spring 2

...just like all the little hints that spring is around the corner. :-)

Hints of Spring 3

I'm going to list them separately on Etsy but I'll also offer a discounted price for the set because I like them together. Each one is mixed media on 12x24 inch canvas.

Hints of Spring set

Little abstract

Little abstract
mixed media on 11x14 inch canvas

This one is in progress--maybe. I had planned to keep going and add more layers but I like it the way it is. Rather than rush on and regret it, I'll let it rest for a little while until I figure out what it still needs.


Art guide cover

My "Spirit Animal" painting made the cover of the arts guide!


Caps cannot convey my excitement at having the bathroom remodel all finished. I'm so proud of what Christian and I accomplished, especially considering we had no remodeling experience whatsoever.

I don't have a Before photo but I can tell you that the vanity was the original pressed wood from 1975, painted white. The counter was white laminate. The walls were patched unevenly with old spackle. There was no shower when we bought the house, only a tub, so we misguidedly had ReBath install a new acrylic tub and shower with a horrible plastic surround. The toilet was original and the floor was torn and stained vinyl. Most aggravating of all, the ReBath installer didn't know what he was doing and left a 4x4" hole that wasn't quite hidden by the coping next to the tub.

Now, approximately 5000 research hours and 8000 manual labor hours later (or maybe it just felt like that many), we have this:

Vanity and light fixture

The design and choosing the materials was my job. My other two jobs were staining/sealing the vanity and making the light fixture. Christian taught himself how to do everything else.

Glass tiled shower

I had no interest in doing the project unless I could have glass tiles, which I've lusted after since the Oregonian did a piece on them about ten years ago. Turns out glass tiles are harder to work with in just about every way than ceramic, but Christian got it done AND built that niche by hand.

I found the widest tub we could fit into our modest 60" alcove. It actually bows out to 36" wide in the middle and the shower rod does too, so the shower feels very roomy now. The tub is also nice and deep for soaking.

Sink closeup

We went for it with the vessel sink and wooden countertop despite this being a bathroom that's used by a ten year old. We did have to turn the water pressure down to keep the water from splashing all over but so far everything has worked well.

New toilet

Christian fell in love with these floor tiles. I worried they would be too dark for our small space but I couldn't be happier with them now. In fact, I couldn't be happier with any of it.

Full vanity

What we did:

demo of old vanity, tub and shower surround so the alcove was down to the studs
ripped out flooring and hired a professional to remove old asbestos adhesive
removed old toilet
replaced subflooring
hired a plumber to set the new tub and install the drain
installed cement backer board in surround
built niche for shower
painted several coats of waterproofing on floor and surround
installed glass tiles in shower all the way to the ceiling
installed floor tiles
assembled, stained and waterproofed vanity
replaced the supply lines for toilet and sink
skimcoated the walls
painted the walls and ceiling
built the light fixture and installed it
installed new one-piece toilet

Took a month off for the holidays.

At this point I got impatient and suggested we just get a plumber to install the sink and faucet instead of figuring it out ourselves.

installed backsplash tiles
hung the new mirror and put back the towel bars, etc.

And ta-da! Nifty new bathroom.


Facebook, Pinterest

I made a Facebook page for my art! I'm having fun getting it going. Please jump over there and click Like if you're so inclined.

I'm also on Pinterest. Haven't gotten addicted so far but it's a great way to keep different ideas and inspiration organized.

Old Rabbit New Tricks

Old Rabbit New Tricks
acrylic, oil pastel, colored pencil and ink on 10x10" canvas


Orange Whiskers

Orange Whiskers
acrylic, ink, oil pastel on 8x10" canvas

I started this one in the fall after our dear old kitty died and I can see a bit of his personality in it.